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                                  Book Excerpt - Aging Into Joy

“The Self of the teacher and that of the student are one in the same.”  David Hawkins


The message that got my attention when I was turning seventy years old was that I was

“over the hill!” Some of you may have heard this in your forties, fifties or sixties. This

book explores how untrue that statement is. I have no regrets that it took me so long to

figure things out, because I am overjoyed to have awakened and shifted my life out of

contraction and into expansion.

At eighty years of age, which I am now, my spirit is blessed with a good dose of

amazement, passion, curiosity and awe. Yes, at different periods of my life it was

diminished, if not dormant, but now in my wisdom I see it was never extinguished. This

is true for you, too!

My sincerest hope as you read this book, is that you will give yourself permission, no

matter your age, to live a bad-ass life, scripted by you, empowered by your choices,

your dreams and your purpose for living.

If you just said to yourself, “Who dreams in their seventies or even at eighty?” this book

is for you! This book is meant to inspire self-reflection, an acceptance of our humanity,

strengths and frailties, and an intentional embracing of our unique journeys into finding

the gifts that accompany aging.  To be able to share this with you, I have had to live it;

and I have had to ask myself at seventy years of age, and now at eighty years of age,

could I imagine a vital life for myself going forward? The answer was and is a

resounding yes!

Come along with me as I share my ups and downs, my life’s challenges and its gifts,

and how they all contributed to making my seventies the best decade of my life. My

adventures, successes, mistakes, losses, humor and serendipitous moments all have

gifted me with a life that has grown more meaningful with each passing year. I sincerely

hope my story animates and offers value to yours.

As I learn from my mistakes, you will too; as I recognize unintended opportunities you

will too; as I quiet my self-critical voice and become an observer of myself, you will too;

as I give up my striving for something I am not, I hope you will too! In essence, I hope

my story animates and offers value to yours.

If you recognize a willingness and a readiness in yourself to take an inward journey that

is age irrelevant, and will in the end expose your imperfections, your passions, your

joys, your sorrows, your dreams, your preposterousness, your fears and in essence,

your humanity, then let’s begin.

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