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"Even one hair has its own shadow"

Even the smallest action has consequences! This quote ascribed to Publilius Syrus, a 1st century AD writer known for his aphorisms, reminds me everything and everyone, no matter how seemingly insignificant, affect the universe.

It reminds me we are all in a state of influencing and being influenced. This state is constant. I invite you to take a deep dive into yourself and explore what it means for you. In our current world, too many of us feel dis-empowered; but, where does power come from?

We are totally tuned into the power of the external world, authority figures, our supervisors/managers, and institutions themselves. Yet, go deeper, where does real, authentic power come from? It comes from within ourselves. Too many don't recognize it, are disconnected from it and therefore, hardly, use or call on it. Yet, our personal power is so strong. It can be diminished but never extinguished. It is forever available to us, even when we may feel oppressed.

External power can limit our behaviors but not our beliefs. It cannot steal our thoughts. It cannot take our freedom to be aware of what is authentic for me.

Viktor Frankl, a well known neurologist and psychiatrist, was also a holocaust survivor. While imprisoned, he wrote that he had more freedom than the guards watching over him. They had liberty but not freedom. That insight has always had an impact on me.

Frankl believed we cannot escape trials and tribulations, but what is vital is our freedom to respond, to experience fulfillment by finding meaning in our difficult moments. In the end, Frankl believed, "when we are no longer able to change a situation; we are challenged to change ourselves."

So, what if we all decided, to work on changing our responses and so, ourselves? What impact might that ultimately have on our immediate world and the world at-large? The next time you may feel dis-empowered, think about this: even one strand of hair can cast a shadow!

I invite your thoughts and comments...

With Gratitude,


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