Would you like you...

Would you like you, if you met you?

I find this a remarkably interesting question. When I first saw it posted on FB, I dismissed it. Then I kind of chuckled about it! Then I said, "Wow, this is a really good question!"

So, I am going to ask you to find a quiet space in your home; clear your mind and begin to take slow, long deep breaths. When you have a rhythm established, ask yourself one or more of the questions below. Please don't rush through this or you will miss the gifts which will surely present themselves to you.

The question "would you like you, if you met you?" insists you get out of your way so you have a clear view both from the inside and outside of yourself. So, you need to give yourself some time to greet and connect to yourself.

In your minds eye, imagine meeting yourself for a cup of tea or coffee, maybe a glass of wine in a beautiful and quiet place of your choosing.

What is your first impression?

What is the first thing you notice about yourself?

As you get comfortable what else are you becoming aware of about yourself?

Is your self-critical voice lurking to distract or criticize?

What feelings/emotions are emerging?

What would you like to affirm about youself ... do so!

Just be with your discoveries for awhile. Don't judge, just observe and engage with yourself. If any of you would like to share a core discovery, please post below.

With Gratitude,


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